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What's my truth? I am an ex-banker who saw millionaires around me lead some of the unhappiest of lives...which got me thinking...why do these people feel so unfulfilled even though they have enough money to be financially free…forever? It turns out they weren't the only ones who felt trapped by their 9-5! 

Once I left the trading floor, I began my mission of helping people with their personal finances, teaching them how to save for their financial goals and transforming their habits with money.

So, here we are....

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Here's what this site is all about

If you have ever asked yourself even one of the below questions, you have come to the right place...

1. “How can I have more cash to spend on the things I LOVE?” 

2. “Why are people telling me to save more money when I am living paycheck to paycheck?”

3. “How can I keep on top of my finances with little to no effort?”

4. “How can I save towards my financial goals without having access to a financial advisor?”

5. “How do people have enough money to ditch their 9-5 so they can pursue their DREAMS?” 


What can you expect?

By subscribing to this site, you will realise my approach to money isn't just about throwing facts, figures and information at you!

I will help you manage your cash more effectively, whilst shift your habits and change the way you think about money forever.

Whatever your financial goal, my content will give you the tools to do things such as reduce your credit card debt, save for your first home and even begin investing your first £1.

Expect weekly savings tips, jargon busters, money making pointers and personal development hacks.



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