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5 money habits to pursue if you want an awful 2018

5 money habits to pursue if you want an awful 2018

The title of this post seems pretty self-explanatory, right? Let's get straight to it!

1. Play the classic game of Keeping Up With The Joneses

Here’s the thing, in a world where we judge each other by our highlight reel posted on Instagram or Facebook, millennials are dealing with a very different social environment vs our parents. Social media depression is becoming a serious thing! 

Last year a study conducted by the The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that those who checked social media more frequently throughout the week were 2.7x more likely to develop depression. The 1,787 US participants were browsing through social media apps for around 61 mins a day, with a quarter of them showing signs of depression.


Here's the thing, going cold turkey on Snapchat isn't the answer - it's not about quitting social media altogether, it's about developing self-awareness on how it makes you feel and the associated opportunity cost. For example, a dog video that makes you feel great….fantastic! However, if you are judging your own growth and achievements because of a picture you saw on Instagram of your ex-colleague and his Ferrari...think again.  Feeling inadequate isn't great, however, the opportunity cost associated with this unnecessary noise is a slowdown in your own personal growth.

Now, you could take that credit card of yours and attempt to play catch-up with these ambivalent friends, however, it's one viscous circle my friend. Confused by the concept of having an ambivalent friend? Click here to read an AWESOME article from UK Business Insider on who these types of people are and how they can drain you in more ways than one. 

In reality, true friends don’t care about what you do and what you have, they care about who you are...

2. Don't give yourself a money makeover

Every personal trainer will emphasise the importance of your 'core strength' when trying to operate at the highest level. The same goes for your finances! In order to grow your money efficiently and effectively in 2018, you need to have a solid foundation. You can save hundreds of pounds by doing things like changing your current account provider, switching energy supplier, reducing the APR on your credit card, cutting the 2nd gym membership you never use, setting daily spending targets and much more. It's all about trimming the fat without sacrificing the things you LOVE! 


If you want to book a FREE 60-minute money makeover then click here to get the ball rolling. What will I do? I'll help you understand where to trim the fat, reveal your deepest and darkest money habits and build you a tailored strategy for success. If you're serious about making change this year and want to feel good when it comes to checking your bank know who to call!

3. Don't automating your monthly saving…

So, your paycheck hits your bank account and you promised yourself you will save at least 10% of your salary this month. However, here's the problem - you forgot how big your credit card bill is and you still need to buy Natalie a nice birthday present. It comes to the end of the month and your parents have to wash your clothes, as you can't afford detergent, and you've eaten Tuna every evening for the past 5 days.

By automating your savings strategy, you have clarity over your guilt-free spending and can allocate cash to your different savings goals without lifting a finger. What do I mean?


Save the date for 3 days after you get paid - This is when a standing order will take no less than 5% of your monthly salary and allocate it towards your Ibiza holiday and Lifetime ISA...or whatever your savings goals are. This is a simple low-touch savings strategy, where after an initial setup, the rest works as easy as 1,2, 3.  

Which savings account should you pick for your hard earned cash? Which one pays the highest interest rate? You could paralyse yourself into taking no action with these questions, so my advice is pretty simple - if you don’t act now you will never get started. As long as the savings account pays more than 0%….pick one and move on (for the time being). Yes it will get eroded by inflation, yes it's not savvy in the long-run. However, as soon as the cash begins to build, you will automatically become conscious about how to maximise your savings best!

4. Be a sheep and follow the money

This a classic topic when it comes to our 9-5. The longer you feel unfulfilled in a job you chose purely for the salary, the larger the money trap becomes. Let me explain in a video...

5. Don't track your daily spend

The world's greatest entrepreneurs also think and behave like top performing athletes. They don't simply have a vision and hope for the best - they have an in-depth strategy which is executed on effectively every single day. They not only understand what they'll be doing for the next week, but also for the next hour. This is how we should think about our money...except without the hard work!


I was conducting a millennial money seminar last year and not one person in the room said they track their monthly expenditure, let alone what they spend on a daily basis. This was actually quite shocking - there are so many personal finance startups building businesses around millennials and their money management habits!

Here's the thing, we often forget/don't believe that money isn’t just an economic issue, it’s a psychological one. Remember that time your boss was giving you a hard time for reason? You decided to go for a cigarette break and 'accidentally' ordered that top from Asos as you were scrolling through your smartphone. Not only did it cost you £32.99, but it only spiked your happiness levels annoying!

What’s funny is, we like to forget these emotional purchases as quickly as possible. Why? Because they make us feel guilty! Before you know it, you've dipped into the red and you just can't figure out why you're living paycheck to paycheck. You might have a Fitbit to track your physical health, so why not use one of these apps to keep on top of your financial health in 2018? 

1. Monzo

2. Plum Savings

3. Money Dashboard

Be savvy and get paid to check your credit report!

Be savvy and get paid to check your credit report!

Use this money saving system to leave your soul sucking corporate job behind

Use this money saving system to leave your soul sucking corporate job behind