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Have a 'appy' Valentines Day...

Have a 'appy' Valentines Day...

I was going to talk about ISAs, however, I have put that on ice. What on earth was I thinking? How could I do such a thing? Well, I figured the preparation of Valentines day is probably equally as stressful and confusing for some! So, before we get into it…

3 facts you didn’t know about Valentines Day!

1.    In Victorian times it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s day card;

2.    If you are single, Feb 14th is also officially Singles Awareness Day (SAD);

3.    Every Valentine’s day, the Italian city of Verona (where Shakespeare’s lovers Romeo and Juliet lived) receives about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet.

This year the big day falls on a Tuesday and Cupid is already swanning around with his bow and arrow striking the hearts of the British public. Oh, and so are the businesses who are ready to take away your hard earned cash. 

Below are a few apps to make your preparation for the big day that little bit easier:

The rise of the metrosexual is seeing men increasingly care more and more about their appearance. Whether you are single or in a relationship, ensuring your clothes are washed and looking crisp is key.

1.    Laundrapp – you book the collection of your dirty washing, they bring a bag and collect it at your convenience, whilst deliver it back to you smelling like daisies. It costs around £2.50 per kg and simply type in your postcode to see if they operate in your area! Other alternatives include Zipjet, however, they currently have no presence beyond London. If you are feeling lucky, why not give your bedsheets a quick spin too!

So if you smell fresh you have to look fresh. With work commitments along with a million and one things to do, how are you going to have time to get your haircut or nails done!? Take a look at the below businesses who see themselves as the ‘Uber of beauty’.

2.    For the lads - checkout Get Smooth, which brings the barber to you. Haircuts, beard trims, wet shaves…the lot! Save a bit of cash by making a group booking, whilst you only need to give them 90 minutes notice. 

3.    For the ladies - have a look at Blow Ltd. Book a blow-dry, make-up or nails appointment at one of their fast beauty bars in London, or sit back and relax whilst they travel to you. If you are time poor then you know the score.

Apparently Tesco have been known to sell over one million Valentine’s bouquets a year! So this classic staple is a must.

4.    Bloom and Wild have a sleek app enabling fresh and tasteful bouquets to fit through your letterbox without breaking the bank. They also give you a nudge of special occasions in your calendar, so you don't miss your 2 year anniversary! Alternatives include Postabloom, with prices starting at £21.99.

There are plenty of other ways to infuse tech into your Valentines day from using subscription based Hello Fresh and The Mindful Chef for your cooking needs, or letting Etsy find you a gift that all of your other mates haven't bought too. May the force be with you! 

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