I remember sitting on the trading floor at one of the most powerful investment banks in the world, feeling like i'd finally arrived, that i'd made it and that my life was set. With an Economics degree and a Masters in Banking & Finance under my belt, what could go wrong?

Before I knew it, I was on track to rake in a six figure corporate salary, had bought my first property in London and was holidaying across the world. My external world looked Instagram worthy, however, internally I was broken. I felt trapped, suffocated and had lost the lust for life...

I recall the exact moment when everything changed…

My boss asked me if I could ‘see him in his office’. His face looked as though I was about to be sacked, however, the reality was quite the opposite. I had just been given a promotion and a £20,000 pay rise. I was speechless, as the penny had dropped…

Having a 'rich life' isn't just about the money. A rich life is all about having an abundance of health, happiness, relationships and love, with money being your vehicle for success. 

Money isn’t everything, but everything needs money
— Somebody wise

So, now what?

I had spent years helping some of the biggest companies in the world trade hundreds of millions of pounds across financial markets, whilst was working alongside some of the wealthiest people I knew. I understood the good, the bad and the ugly, however, more importantly…I understood their mindset and secrets for financial success. 

Why couldn't I unleash this treasure chest of knowledge onto people just like you? 

Within 7 days of leaving the corporate machine, I had my own segment on ITV’s Lorraine and began teaching people how to save money, make money and ultimately get rich from within. I’m a money coach from Essex who wants to help you fulfilling your wildest dreams and help you become the best version of you. Are you ready?

As always, 

Ravi Rajani, Money Coach x



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